Super Strawberries

A companion-planting experiment

Last year, many of our volunteers noticed that pollinators were often more spotted visiting ornamental flowers in their growing spaces, rather than the crop. This led them to ask whether planting flowers in your growing space can help or hinder crop pollination. So this year we're going to try and answer this question by conducting a simple experiment using strawberries and borage. 

We will investigate whether planting bee-friendly borage can improve the pollination of strawberry and result in bigger yields of fruit. To do this, we are asking you to record the number of pollinator visits to these plants once a week for 4-6 weeks, and then to compare the weight of fruit produced by two strawberry plants once they begin to produce berries. 









We will provide you with everything you need to take part; Borage seeds, strawberry runners, polypot containers, and full instructions. Places on the project are limited, and packs will be sent out on Wednesday March 11th, so if you're keen to take part, please sign up by clicking the button above.