Recording Pests

We currently know very little about pests and pesticide use in urban food production and how this may affect both crop yields and pollinators. We’d like you to keep a diary of the pests and diseases you observe on your flowering crops, and which control methods you use. We're particularly interested in which chemicals you use on which crops, as well as how and when you apply them. 




We have provided you with a diary which you can download, and use to record any pests or diseases you experience in your growing space. There is space to record how you treated the pest or disease and to report how effective this treatment was. Of course you can use a notebook instead if you prefer.


At the end of each month we will email (or post if required) a short questionnaire, where you can  submit your pest control records anonymously. If you prefer, you can post your diaries to us at the address listed at the bottom of the site.